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Lamination Guidelines

Odell Primary School Media Center Lamination Guidelines

2021-2022 School Year

Revised: August 2019

I. Purpose
The Odell Primary School Media Center has developed lamination guidelines to ensure fair access to lamination for all staff and conservation of school resources.


II. Laminators
The Media Coordinator and Media Assistant are responsible for lamination at Odell Primary. This reduces wasted lamination film and preserves the machine.


III. Lamination Schedule
During the workdays prior to the first day of school, items will be laminated on a daily basis, as necessary. During the school year, items will be laminated during the “B Week” of the encore rotation.


IV. Size of Lamination Film
Lamination film is 25 inches wide and will seal items up to 24 inches wide. Items left to be laminated larger than 24 inches will be returned to the teacher to determine if it should be cut.


V. Items to be Laminated
Lamination film is extremely expensive, so it is imperative to be conscious of the number of items being sent to be laminated.
Items that will be used on a regular basis in classrooms takes precedent over other items.

  • Student Created Work:
    • One student-created project may be laminated per teacher per school year to be sent home (example: Mother’s Day craft). Student projects should not be larger than a piece of standard construction paper (9in x 12in).
  • Anchor Charts:
    • A majority of anchor charts should be recreated with students each year and do not need lamination prior to display in classrooms.
    • Anchor charts should only be laminated if they are going to be used year-after-year or are a template to be filled in with students.


VI. Lamination Privileges
Lamination at Odell Primary is a privilege. Teachers who submit an excessive amount of lamination may have their privileges limited or revoked.


VII. Disclaimers

  • Items to be laminated must be submitted in the teacher’s labelled Lamination Folder or it will not be laminated.
  • Due to the heat process involved in lamination and the possibility of special coatings on the materials, the library assumes no liability as to its effect on the items being laminated.
  • Teachers are advised that discoloration, bubbling, wrinkling, etc. are a probability when laminating. The library assumes no liability as to its effect on the items being laminated.
  • No items will be laminated if they have adhesive surfaces (tape, glue, or post-it) or glitter exposed.